The best prices for dental procedures in Costa Rica

Why Visit a Dentist in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a great destination for affordable dental care, particularly for budget-conscious North Americans and Canadians. Here’s why:

Excellent quality care: Our best Costa Rican dentists have been trained in the US and are likely to be members of the American Dental Association or accredited by one of the leading US or Canadian agencies. There are many dentists throughout Costa Rica who will offer you the same good quality of care that you would receive at home.

Easy access: With numerous airline carriers offering flights just a few hours from major US and Canadian cities, coupled with reasonably priced fares, Costa Rica is one of the most convenient dental destinations for North American patients. This is doubly true if you need to make a return trip for dental implant work.

Great Costa Rica Dental Prices: If you are among the millions struggling with the high costs of dental care at home, then Costa Rica could be just the place to get your dental health on track. Savings on most procedure range 40-70%.

English spoken: Because the best Costa Rican dentists generally depend upon a high influx of North American patients, English is fluently spoken at all clinics.

Distances and Flying Times from Other Countries

  • New York: 2214 miles, 4.5 hours
  • Miami: 1100 miles, 3 hours
  • Atlanta: 1650 miles, 3.5 hours
  • Los Angeles: 2728 miles, 5.5 hours
  • Montreal: 2536 miles, 5 hours
  • Toronto: 2339 miles, 5 hours


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