Estimated dental price for Composite Filling (3 surface) Dental Procedure in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Dental Prices – Discover the estimated dental price for Composite Filling (3 surface) Dental Procedure in Costa Rica.

On our website “Costa Rica Dental Prices” we have been given the task of estimating the prices of the main dental procedures to offer dental tourists better information about prices compared to what the same dental procedure would cost if applied in home.

In this case, the dental procedure Composite Filling (3 surface) costs in the USA an estimated $170 USD, which a dental tourist can apply at a dental clinic in Costa Rica for only $120 USD.

Costa Rica Dental Prices

You have to know that the Composite Filling (3 surface) is a dental procedure that can be performed on the same day. In this way a dental patient interested in applying this dental procedure in Costa Rica knows in advance that it will save up to 70% compared to if the procedure were done at home. It is important to emphasize here that the more procedures a dental patient requires, the more the savings will be.

The great savings in dental care, coupled with the quality of services offered by dentists in Costa Rica, is what causes more and more US and Canadian citizens to travel abroad to look for dental procedures such as Composite Filling (3 surface) and thus take advantage of Costa Rica dental prices.

Let us help you find a dentist in Costa Rica who specializes in Composite Filling (3 surface) Dental Procedure and take advantage of Costa Rica Dental Prices and most important save up to 70% compared to your dentist at home!

Dental Treatment Abroad

Most dental tourists come to Costa Rica seeking dental treatments such as Composite Filling (3 surface) that would be very costly in USA or Canada; in such cases, they trust the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide to help them choose specialized Costa Rica Dental Clinics located at a short drive away from the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO).

Costa Rica Dental Prices

Due to the rising costs of dental care now suffered by many American and Canadian dental patients, affordability is a great attraction for dental clinics in Costa Rica. The savings for most dental treatments abroad range between 40% and 70% over costs in North America. An example can be reviewed in dental procedures such as Composite Filling (3 surface), a procedure that if applied in the USA costs $ 170 USD, but in Costa Rica, the same procedure with the same quality, costs only $ 120 USD.

As we pointed earlier, for the dental tourist to have the real price of a dental procedure in Costa Rica such as Composite Filling (3 surface), he must think on other costs to consider, this costs are associated with the procedure and can be: Flights and transportation to and from the clinic, Hotel accommodation, Food and Drinks, Travel Insurance among other. This way, Dental Tourist can get a real idea of ​​how much it will cost and how much savings will be.

Our team of Patient Coordinators can assist you by giving you this information by phone or email so that you have clear the whole scenario.

Costa Rica Dental Prices

Payment Methods

Cash is accepted by most dental offices – either US dollars or the Costa Rican colόn. While US dollars are widely accepted in hotels and restaurants, you will need Costa Rican currency for everyday transactions.

In summary: if the dental procedure Composite Filling (3 surface) in USA is applied, you will have to pay an estimate of $ 170 USD, but if it is done in Costa Rica it will pay $ 120 USD, saving up to 70%.

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Costa Rica Dental Prices